Sallie Mae
2018 - 2020
I worked on multiple platforms within Sallie Mae's core business (private student loans); starting out as a UX Designer on the loan servicing platform and transitioning into the Lead UX Designer role on the loan application platform.

As a UX generalist, I get involved from ideation phase with stakeholders all the way to the developer hand-off phase of each project.
• Introduced and on-boarded our UX team of 10 with 4 major toolkits (InVision,, Qualtrics Intercept Survey, Adobe Analytics)

• Broke down silos between developers and designers to begin the creation of a digital design system.

• Facilitated bringing data-driven culture into the UX team through organizing meetings between the analytics team and the UX team.

• Tested and designed new branding of Sallie Mae on multiple digital platforms.

• Performed 2 user tests per week on average.
At Sallie Mae, I had the opportunity to work on every platform within the digital side of the loan product lines (web servicing, web origination, and native app). This gave me a better understanding into the inner workings of each platform, as well as allowing me to absorb the well-working techniques of each group and evangelize it to the rest of the organization to push the work culture forward.

I also experienced dealing with many different groups of stakeholders by working on different platforms. This naturally made me adapt to different management styles and personalities to push our designs forward as well as gaining a holistic understanding of the different business needs within the organization.
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