random sketches
of fleeting thoughts
Hugs during COVID
Self care
terrible limbo
remember when limbos were fun?
refrigerators these days
saturdays are for the things on the fridge
expectation vs. reality
hansel and gretel (gen z version)
@hanselofficial and @gretelofficial
correctly named apps #2
life in the green or the red
correctly named apps #1
add that to the list
A more accurate likert scale
What users actually say
Sharing vs. blaring
@everyone #pleasestop
All heroes wear capes
Batman in Gotham & Manager in [frigid] office
Morning kiss
From a Solo cup
Manual vs. Focus
Things that increase with age
Viewing distance of an arm's length + a 20-degree backwards head tilt
Worst hugger in the world
Hug trees, not subway poles in rush hour traffic
The barycenter is not very centered