Doni App
Our team consulted a mobile fintech app, Doni App, on user persona creation, accessibility analysis, and overall product feedback & recommendations.
• Performed 20+ interviews in person and over the phone to gather data for user persona creations

• Performed constant user tests to ensure validation of our design choices from beginning to end

• Familiarized myself with the WCAG 2.0 guidelines to provide actionable feedback to meet accessibility compliance.
This experience at Doni App gave me a deeper understanding of what it takes to formulate research-based user personas as well as allowing me to dig deeper into the accessibility guidelines for the web.

The extensive level of affinity mapping we did with 100+ sticky notes among 3 designers forced us to communicate our ideas explicitly and align our understanding of the data more clearly.

The accessibility analysis gave us an opportunity to learn new toolkits for quickly performing an accessibility audit.
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